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Formerly Group Homes, Short Term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTP’s) provide intensive clinical and behavioral services to support a reduction in high-risk behaviors so that children and youth can return to their homes and their communities as quickly as possible.

Our highly experienced and integrated team (clinicians, case managers, peer mentors, and residential staff) work directly with each youth/family to identify their needs, prepare and implement an individualized comprehensive Needs & Services Plan and provide aftercare support to youth/family in the community with linkage to resources for ongoing success.

Unlike group homes, STRTPs provide short-term, specialized, intensive and therapeutic 24-hour care and supervision that stabilize high-needs youth. This allows successful transitions into permanent and supportive family placements.

Youth are referred for STRTP admission by child protective service agencies in San Bernardino County. Our program is an approved Medi-CAL provider through the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health Children's Residential Intensive Services (CHRIS) Program.  Each youth participates in developing their own needs and service plan and setting goals to achieve during participation the program.

Youth exposed to trauma receive specialized treatment by licensed clinicians and professionals. 

Treatment Services

Our youth are provided the following services immediately upon placement in our facility:

·         Evidence-based trauma treatment

·         Intensive case management

·         Strength based skill building

·         Substance Abuse Assessment, Testing and Counseling

·         Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention Training

·         Individual, Family and Group Counseling

·         Therapy in Criminal Thinking

·         Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluations

·         Psychotropic Medication Management

·         Crisis Intervention Therapy

·         Development of Needs and Services Plan

·         Reintegration into community

·         Independent living services

·         Ongoing case management

·         Emergency STRTP assessment

Our Mission

Emancipation Services

Youths with a goal of emancipation from foster care will receive the following services:

·         Behavior Modification

·         Young Men as Fathers Program

·         Budgeting

·         Coping with Stress

·         Employability Skills

·         Job Placement/Referrals

·         GED Preparation

·         Diagnostic Testing

·         Vocational and Education Counseling

·         Personal Hygiene and Life Skills

·         Gang Intervention/Counseling

·         Self-Esteem

·         Family Relationships

·         Computer Technology

·         Parenting and Child Development Program

·         Anger Management/Impulse Control Skills

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