Corinthians Helping Hand 

Non-Profit Organization

Medi-Cal Approved

Our therapeutic programs are designed with the individual needs of each youth in mind. Our youths come from various communities, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, therefore, we use culturally competent techniques to inspire healing.


Our facilities are equipped to provide high-quality care for each of the youths placed in our homes. While residents of Tender Loving Care Home For Boys, Inc., the young men develop emotional, social and coping skills to help transition into permanency. Our programs seek to provide the best possible treatment and inspire empowerment in each youth we serve.  

Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Treatment Program
Tender Loving Care
Home For Boys,  Inc.

Corinthians Helping Hands STRTP

Phone: 909-972-0992

Facility License #: 366405647


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